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The Next Treatment for COVID-19 Could Already Be at Your Local Pharmacy

Cover picture for the articleSince the beginning of the pandemic, researchers worldwide have been looking for ways to treat COVID-19. And while the COVID-19 vaccines represent the best measure to prevent the disease, therapies for those who do get infected remain in short supply. A new groundbreaking study from the University of Michigan...

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Michelle L. Jackson

Remdesivir was developed by Dr. Barrett at UNC Chapel Hill and is good buddies with Fauchi and Dr Collins at the National Health institute, coincidentally (or not) in 2018. All of these same players in addition to Bill Gates, msm and the International Monetary Fund all played pandemic “games” in 2018 called event 201. These same mad scientist also ran simulations for small pox and titled it ‘Dark Winter’. Glaxo Smith Kline funded and built the Wuhan lab and coincidentally (or not) owns Pfizer) whose head is former fda head Scott Gotlieb. There are more connections but I’ll leave those for y’all to discover on your own. Peace ❤️

John Griffiths

If these are found to be safe and effective, great. If proven, needed and prescribed by a Doctor I would take them. But we all know the deniers won't have it because the drugs are being evaluated by real scientists. This is already apparent in some of the comments.

William Pounds

It's aweful funny how past Presidents ,Senators and some Congress people who were well into there 70s well overcome cancer. covid, and other life threatening things . But regular joe on the street dies . Our government really cares about us , huh .


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