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Help! My Friend Made Me a Godparent, Then Reneged When I Refused to Be a Nanny for Free.


Cover picture for the articleDear Prudence is Slate’s advice column. Submit questions here. (It’s anonymous!) When my cousin Betty’s son was born a year ago, she asked me to be his godmother. I was surprised by this for two reasons: 1) She and I weren’t and still aren’t particularly close, so I figured I’d be the last person she’d ask for something so big, and 2) She’s not especially religious from my knowledge. I agreed to it more out of ignorance than a real desire, which was a huge mistake. As it turned out, Betty didn’t really want a godparent as much as she did a free nanny, which was how she treated me in regards to her son. She’d either have me come over nearly every day to watch him when I wasn’t at work, or have me take him home so she could have some “downtime.” (She’s a housewife, by the way, AND has a maid, so it’s not as if she was overworked.)

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Kitty Kat

I wouldn't say nothing to the next "Godmother". She can find out for herself. I would just get out of that drama and dump that so called friend. If she can afford a maid she can afford a nanny. Who knows, maybe the "maid" is actually the godmother of her house 🏠 🤣😂

shelly brunk

Dump the boyfriend and the brats unless you like being a doormat.


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