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One-Year Deals No Concern For Texans Coach Culley


Nobody likes working under the cloud of an uncertain future. Well, nobody except Houston Texans head coach David Culley.

Despite the fact that half the players on Houston's current roster are on one-year deals with 30 set to hit free agency in 2022, Culley seems less than concerned.

"When I am coaching out on the field, I don’t really know if he's got a one-year or a five-year," Culley said. "We coach them up as if they are going to be with us, we coach them up for now and not for later and that’s how I approach it. For the most part, I have no idea if he’s got a one-year or three-year contract, I know he is here, he is a part of us and I am going to coach him till he isn’t here."

Given that this roster is the second-oldest on average in the NFL today, a high turnover rate is to be expected again next season, as was the case this year.

This team is clearly in rebuilding mode. Essentially, 2021 is for evaluating what they have now and who they'd like to retain in the long-term before they head into next year's draft with a full haul of draft picks, that is potentially set to increase if Deshaun Watson is traded.

As such, Culley's 'live in the moment' approach is wise and should help him get the best out of every player on the roster now, rather than making lineup decisions based on future potential.

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