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Dancing with the Stars pro reacts to not being asked back for season 30

Cover picture for the articleNow-former Dancing with the Stars pro Keo Motsepe has spoken out after to not being asked back for season 30 of the show, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing. The news was announced on Thursday (September 2), with Keo seemingly hinting he'd have liked to return. "While it's

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Ramras Montgomery

time to cancel the show. hopefully TPTB at ABC / Disney get a clue and stop all the changes with the host, the same- sex partnering, the addition of Derek Hough to the judging panel, etc. I gave up on this show last season.


Unfortunately BBC America and ABC decided to go with a show based on shock value instead of talent. I watched the first 3 episodes with Tyra and just couldn’t take the poor production and her obvious lack of knowledge of ballroom dancing. Just put this show out of our misery before you ruin it even more.

Mark Hodges

That was just wrong... might be a good thing tho....this season is not going to be good..and with some of the contestants on the show i would be surprised if this is the last season..


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