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Meet Nene Leakes’ Kids Including Troubled Son Bryson Rashard Bryant


Actress Nene Leakes recently lost her long-time partner Gregg Leakes to cancer, but the reality star has her two sons Bryson Rashard Bryant and Brentt by her side to comfort her. Meet her sons.

Actress Nene Leakes has had her world turned upside down since the death of her husband Gregg Leakes after a long battle with colon cancer. Gregg's health had been in dire conditions in recent weeks, and on Wednesday, the family confirmed his passing.

Friends and colleagues of NeNe have reached out to her, sending their prayers, love, and support, but the former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star will need her family the most.

Nene's life with Gregg was an open book. The couple had a series of ups and downs in their marriage that saw them divorce once and remarry a few years later. From all indications, the pair built a solid family for themselves.

What most fans do not know is that both NeNe and Gregg have children from other relationships but share their son Brentt together. However, the late 66-year-old who already had five kids from a previous relationship, adopted NeNe's eldest son, Bryson Rashard Bryant.

During her early days on "RHOA," NeNe was parenting her teenage boys. Just like her co-stars, motherhood was a major theme of the show and proved to be the only common ground for the wives.

NeNe's struggle with her eldest son, Bryson, was a major part of the show at the time. The author struggled to help her embattled son with his problems which became complicated after more brushes with the law.

Hopefully, the Leakes get all the love and support needed to pull through their loss.

A few years ago, Bryson, who had a lengthy arrest history, was arrested after presenting a false name to officers during a raid at a local restaurant. The moment proved to be a major low for the famous Leakes family.

Bryson had previously been arrested for shoplifting and driving with a suspended license. At one other time, he was picked up for violating his probation after testing positive for drug use.

NeNe and Bryson's relationship had been affected by his many troubles, and at one point, she reportedly threw him out of her house as she could no longer deal with his many concerns.

Despite staying off the spotlight, Bryson, who fathered a daughter named Bri'Asia, seems to have picked up his life. His Instagram bio describes him as a music producer, manager, and family man.

Unlike other celebrity kids, Bryson keeps his Instagram simple and shares pictures of himself and his family. In one of his posts, Bryson paid tribute to his mother, while in another, he called her the best mom in the world while wishing her a happy mother's day.

NeNe's younger son, Brentt, has a stronger presence on social media than his brother. His bio describes him as the youngest club owner, and from his posts, he is as proud of his mom as anyone can be.

Like his mom, Brentt's life has been turned around following his father's death, and it has been bitter to swallow for the youngster. A few days before Gregg's death, Brentt shared a touching post.

He encouraged his fans to spend time with their families, noting the difficulty he was going through. Hopefully, the Leakes's get all the love and support needed to pull through their loss.

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Jamisha Turner

This article was so unnecessary. First and foremost the focus should be on Greg, and secondly what does Nene husband death has to do with her son's "lengthy crime records"...I swear people sure love to bring negativity into ever situation. This was tasteless and disrespectful....R.i.p Greg


i know this will be hard for you but trust me when I say only God will get you through this i know this pain makes you not want to do anything but pray and get up yes you will miss him and you will cry and hurt but only God will give you the strength to care on .may god be with you


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