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‘Biden And Harris Served With Impeachment Charge’

Cover picture for the articleAs presented in share format, Facebook users were exposed only to the claims in the headline, which suggested that United States President Joe Biden and U.S. Vice-President Kamala Harris were “served” with an “impeachment charge,” language clearly used to imply that Biden and Harris were formally or criminally “charged.”....

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Beverly Gribble

the biden and Harris administration is covered in blood in more ways than one !!!!!!!! they have did nothing but divide and tear this nation apart. if anyone deserves impeached it is these two ifiots and the whole democrap party of corruption . democraps are nothing but terrorist and terrorist leaders !!!!

Chris Pickett Sr.

biden Harris polisi all the people in offices rite now need to be impeached 90% of them have been there for years lying to us and covering up truths but who do we trust to lead cause at this point I don't even trust a dr to tell me the truth about a vaccine never-ending my life


All patriots in America want this evil administration prosecuted. we are losing our country and democrats won't vote for impeachment then we have to go to Washington ourselves and demand they impeach them


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