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144 Fully Vaccinated Massachusetts Residents Die Of COVID-19; 19,443 Breakthrough Cases Recorded

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleNearly 150 fully vaccinated residents in Massachusetts have died of COVID-19 as the number of breakthrough cases rises to over 19,000, according to the latest state data. Data published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health this week showed a total of 19,443 breakthrough COVID-19 cases in the state since the beginning of the pandemic, up from 15,739 cases reported as of Aug. 24. Of the breakthrough infections, at least 144 fully vaccinated people have died of the novel coronavirus, up from 131 deaths reported last week.

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Michael Potter

Where are the numbers for those that have recovered from previous infections? Whether vaccinated or not, this is a significant portion of the population, and that data needs to be published too! The public needs to see these numbers. Ommiting this data is the same as lying to the public. Are we concerned with public health, or just with pushing these shots?

Diana Terrio

stay home to flatten the curve. don't need a mask.still stay home for months at a now.. need a mask, inside and out.get the vaccine.get the vaccine so you don't need a mask.I got the vaccine. people are dying because of the vaccine. you dont need that mask!now ... put that mask back on!people are dying after getting the vaccine. I have WHIPLASH!I WILL NOT GET A BOOSTER!

Donna Bogosh

There are five variants out there that are killing vaccinated people. Delta being the most talked about that's killing mostly elderly, immune compromised, Ill people. However the other four are discreetly spoken about for some reason. In any case I am vaccinated and WILL CONTINUE TO WEAR MY MASK EVERYWHERE To protect you and myself. If you're not vaccinated that's your choice. There are consequences to every action or non action.


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