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Carolyn Hax: Father and stepmother object to girlfriend because she’s ‘heavy’

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleDear Carolyn: What do you do when your father and stepmother adamantly refuse any acknowledgment of, or contact with, your significant other, because in their paraphrased words, they think she is wrong for you and therefore refuse to show approval of the relationship?. My girlfriend is wonderful; she is a...

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Cinda Marsh

Walk away, assuming your partner is a partner for life. Toxic relationships hang on forever. Until you choose to let them go. Which relationship matters more? You will never please your parents. Can you choose to please yourself? How important is your own life to you now…this minute?

❤️ Skylar

Some people just don't care about others feeling's... It's even harder when it comes from a family member. Sometimes parents can be your worst critic.. Sometimes you have to live your own life and love who you're with..

Larry Selvage

if all we went by was someones opinion of our better half no one would be in a relationship and sometimes that might be a good thing but the only opinion that matters is what you think about your better half


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