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Mercedes Morr’s Killer Sugar Daddy Identified As 34-year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto

Cover picture for the articleMan Who Killed IG Model Mercedes Morr In Murder-Suicide Identified As 34-year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto. As we earlier reported, popular Instagram model Jenae Gagnier, also known as Miss Mercedes Morr on social media was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide alongside her supposed sugar daddy in Richmond. The Fort...

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Well when you put yourself out there like that for MONEY you get what you pay for,sorry to hear what happened to her but she should have thought more of herself!!!!

Betsy Lawson

She was an adult right? Girl should have had more sense. She was advertising it all over. Crazy people everywhere so a crazy one just caught up with her. living life on the edge has it's costs.

Corissa Riley

this is sad that a womans life is reduced to 17 negative comments all to do about the way she earned a living , and the maybe not to smart way she went about putting paper in her purse and at the end of this horrific episode that's what she will be remember for by those who read this in a negative lens with the blame being placed on herself rather than the man whom took her life in a horrific way it's just sad bendito


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