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Charlotte, NC

Vaccinated people who catch COVID-19 are getting different symptoms. What are they?


Cover picture for the articleCHARLOTTE, N.C. — Doctors say COVID-19 symptoms are different for fully vaccinated people, as the vaccines are designed to prevent hospitalizations and severe illness. What they don't do, is prevent infections altogether. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fully vaccinated people will have milder symptoms overall than...

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Matt Bentley

funny how now all this "new" information keeps coming out. before it was an iron clad you are safe, now it is you still will get sick. In 3 months it will be well only 25% are dying. I feel sorry for anyone who got that poison.

Ted Helton

not vaccinated and 3 other unvaccinated guys that I work with all had very mild symptoms. Vaccinated guy we work with in bed for a week. Not saying everyone is the same but quit saying vaccinated have no problems when they get covid. it's simply not true.

User From NC

I had inquired, at one time, about the number of hospitalized people that were vaccinated and non-vaccinated and they are reporting non-vaccinated. I don't believe this. Back when they were tracking the original covid they were including everyone who was admitted to the hospital and everyone who died as having covid even if they were hospitalized due to a heart attack or died of natural causes (old age for example)


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