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Trick Daddy's Ex-Wife Addresses His "Eat The Booty" Remarks

Cover picture for the articleEveryone is talking about Trick Daddy's comments on a recent episode of Drink Champs, where he told N.O.R.E. that he enjoys having his salad tossed. The remarks have elicited reactions from his fans, other artists, including Tank, and so many others. "Women eat the booty, too," said the Florida...

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Walter Johnson Jr

Where do morals and respect ends, when you just tell everybody about your sexual pleasure. People have no respect or morals anymore, what kind of world are we living in!!

Julia Tripp

never one to shy away from any topic, i must weigh in. i wont lie. i had a lover many many years ago who introduced that activity along with a note about proper cleansing. i think of him fondly still 40yrs later 🙄. it is a serious weapon within the 'arsenal' 🤣 of sexual pleasure, and in fact, may take 1st place. it is a mind blowing sensation folks. however, i never met a man worthy and theres not enuf $ in the world for me as its highly risky behavior esp as most men (and ive heard women too) dont know [how] to clean themselves well enuf to merit that risk. i know cuz some partners have left skid marks on my sheets. i mention this bcz i dont know how to tell them without embarrassing them but it NEEDS TO BE SAID! .nuff said


I didn't know they were divorced. In my opinion, mankind is doing way too much these days because every week a new virus and more e coli and bacteria are growing rapidly. Please be reminded that extreme and intense pleasure to the next level is leading to sickness and death. I don't understand why it is the world's business to know your sexual activities. I believe that men talk about it way too much. It's disheartening to hear and know that sex prevails over everything in the dura mater of the brain. Doesn't make sense when there is more to life than sex in the climate we live in


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