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'I'm leaving all my money to my grandchildren, not my children. Am I a bad parent?'


Cover picture for the articleWe have three grandchildren: two on my daughter’s side and one on my son’s side, aged 6, 9 and 14. It seems my daughter and son's feelings towards us have become colder in recent years, though we can’t pinpoint why. They were both quite naughty as kids while their own children behave quite to the contrary, always demonstrating good manners.

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Barbara Armstrong

Vivienne, you are not "cheating" them out of anything. They don't "deserve" anything. You did your job and raised them well and apparently at to provide for themselves. An inheritance is a gift NOT a birthright. Please consider putting your assets into a Trust for your grandchildren. Appoint a trustee so the parents cannot access the money. Set up steps at which time the children will receive set amounts of money such as $10 000 a year for 4 years in the years they will be in trade school or college. They can use that money for living expenses, tuition and books, a vehicle for transportation, etc. The next step may be at age 25 or 30 to help with the down-payment on a home. Letting the wrong people have access to the money, allowing unlimited access with no accountability and giving them too much money all at once may end up creating problems.

Southernn Sky

No you are not a bad parent! You raised your children and what you decide to do with your money is your business!!

John Taylor

only bad parent to your children,your grandchildren will love you.its harder now days for grandchildren to get ahead...the American dream is harder for them to you're doing the right thing...and me too


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