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Steve Harvey Just Dropped a Major Career Announcement on Instagram and Fans Are Stunned

Cover picture for the articleSteve Harvey fans, you’re about to see even more of your favorite person on TV. On Thursday, the 64-year-old TV personality announced on Instagram his new unscripted courtroom comedy series Judge Steve Harvey. Set to premiere on ABC sometime in 2022, Deadline reports that the 10-episode show will feature Steve as a “judge, jury and star” in which he will “[play] by his own rules, basing his courtroom on his own life experiences and some good old common sense.”

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Steve Lynch

I completely love this, Stevie!! can't wait for the show. would also be hilarious to see JJudy as a guest! love ya, dude! you're the best!!!!!!!!!!

Donna Graham

I haven't liked him since he stood on stage and said I feel like a little white boy standing here. isn't that the kind of thing others got taken off tv for saying about black?

Marchelle Johnson-King

So sick of this man who seems to speak as if he is not educated 🙄 on mostly anything he speaks on! He steals quotes from other people to try and use as if he came up with the thought or idea. Example several things from Joel Olsteen that I have caught.He is a comedian at heart because he is truly a JOKE! He could even be removed from Family Feud because that show has been a huge success every since Richard Dawson the kissing bandit. Please find a better educated black man out here that we can tune into.


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