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Only 2 Governors Are So Far Refusing To Take In Afghan Refugees


Cover picture for the articleThe majority of states have agreed to accept refugees fleeing Afghanistan, with only two states ― South Dakota and Wyoming ― so far refusing to do so. According to a HuffPost analysis, 37 states are willing to take in refugees. Another 11 have not publicly given their position and did not...

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No offense but aren't we all wondering how many of these people are possible terrorist? Also isnt anybody wondering why these people dont fight back for their own country instead of waiting for others to do the job for them i.e. America. Isnt it for these reasons that America is hesitant to welcome them with open arms. 🤔🤨😅

Rita Alverson

Don't like it one bit. They are nothing like an American. They also have children for wives. What is that by itself telling our children?? Are our children safe from these men???

Papason Money

its the governors job to keep its states residence safe! if they are unvetted they should not be allowed. and besides there are other countries all over the middle east that would be a better fit. they obviouesly did not want to fight for there own freedom! so why come here? They melted away when it was time to fight! they were using us from the start! even their president took off to another country with over a half a billon in cash! we should bomb that place to the stone age and drop all these people back and let them deal with it!


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