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I Want to Make My Daughter Split Her Inheritance With Her Ex-Husband


Cover picture for the articlePay Dirt is Slate’s money advice column. Have a question? Send it to Athena and Elizabeth here. (It’s anonymous!) We have two daughters. One was married, but after two years of marriage, her husband had the rug pulled out from under him and found out she had been having an affair for seven months. We dearly loved our son-in-law—a person couldn’t have asked for a better human being. He was totally devastated, as we all were. This daughter and I have always butted heads—we are like oil and water. I can’t say or do anything right, and she truly just does not like me. I am seriously considering changing my will to the one daughter 50 percent, the daughter who doesn’t like me 25 percent, and ex-son-in-law 25 percent. What are your thoughts?

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Becky M

Nothing like totally blowing any relationship you ever could have with your own child. But something tells me that it was never that important to the mother anyway

Robert Sites

I say it's your money and if you want to give him 25% inheritance so be it. Your daughter doesn't like you and you but heads. People need to lose this sense of entitlement.

Deanne Daly

Parents are not obligated leave children money. It’s your money and you should do what you want to do. If a child hates you or does not respect you, consider donating their inheritance to chairities.


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