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Erika Jayne Still Has Money? RHOBH Star Kept $40-A-Month Luxury Amid Scandal

Cover picture for the articleThe "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star kept a very expensive luxury amid her ongoing lawsuit. According to The Sun, the reality star's glam squad is sticking by her side despite her legal scandal. Since joining the hit Bravo show, Jayne heavily featured her glam squad throughout the years....

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Cy Pisces

I've been watching the show since the beginning and these women can spend.... But once Erica came on, I remember thinking to myself "how in the world can she afford to live and look like that EVERY day!!"I mean, the other girls live lavishly, but Erica took it up 1000% - her spending made Vanderpump look like middle class!!! Even with having a successful lawyer husband, she was living better than kings, queens, Bezos, Gates, Buffet, the Waltons or Elon Musk! She was spending so much $$$$$ on a "career" that brought in NOTHING - doing drag shows and being "wanted" for shows noone had even heard of! The traveling, entourage, jewelry, clothes, hair, makeup and shoes were NEVER ENDING! And now we know why!

Carey Hilton

of course you've got money she was in it with her husband and they embezzled from victims


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