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Fergie slams shock claims! The TRUTH about Harry’s paternity


Prince Harry’s paternity has been subjected to much speculation over the course of his 36 years of life, with persistent rumors suggesting the Duke of Sussex’s biological father is actually Princess Diana’s redheaded lover, James Hewitt – not Prince Charles.

James, a cavalry officer who began an affair with Diana after he was tasked with giving her riding lessons, has firmly rubbished the claims. And now, Diana’s closest royal ally, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, is determined to put the “silly” rumors to bed once and for all.

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“Fergie is nothing short of exasperated that this story crops up every few years,” a royal insider tells New Idea. “It frustrates her to let this go on, which is why she broke ranks. She’s sick of hearing it.”

As a close confidante of the late People’s Princess, Fergie, 61, would have been privy to many of Diana’s secrets.

“They had their tiffs over the years, but Fergie was one of the few people Diana could turn to with delicate matters,” the insider continues. “Fergie swore to take many of Diana’s secrets to the grave – but Harry not being Charles’ kid is simply just not one of them.”

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Not helping matters is the royal family’s stance of maintaining “a dignified silence on the matter” – which the insider says has “always bothered” royal rebel Fergie.

“Why not nip it in the bud?” ponders the source. “It’s an offensive rumor and it’s the last thing they all need right now, especially Charles.”

Now, Fergie is determined to publicly go into bat for Diana, arguing that the facts and timeline clearly speak for themselves.

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“[Diana] hadn’t even met Hewitt when Harry was conceived [in 1984],” the source explains. Recently, Fergie lamented her sadness over not being a grandparent together with her friend. Speaking to Bella magazine, she said: “We’d be having granny parties together and having a great time.”

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Dinah Richmond

I am so over all this negativity about Harry and Meghan. nine tenths of the issues people are grousing about are Noone business but theirs. whoever harrys father is falls into that category. get a life people.

Lori Dettelbach

Ummmm, just take a DNA test. It will prove the truth. Harry actually looks more like him than his father Charles. He always looked different..

Linda King

Did any of these gossips ever take a look at the Spencers? Harry looks like a Spencer! He also favors his Grandfather some too!


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