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Scott Frost hammered on social media after stunning admission in Monday press conference

Cover picture for the articleIf Nebraska head coach Scott Frost wanted to show that he was still the man for the job at his alma mater, then the 2021 season didn’t get off to a great start. The former Cornhuskers quarterback returned to Lincoln ahead of the 2018 season as the university sought to turn the page from the Mike Riley era. So far, it hasn’t been a good return on investment as Frost has struggled to a 12-21 record, including a 9-18 mark in the Big Ten.

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greg griggers

There’s no excuse for not being able to adjust even if Illinois surprised them with a new defensive alignment. But, Martinez is awful. There are limited in what they can do on O with him as their QB.

Daniel Israel

🤔; Not everyday you see a guy cut his own throat and then fall on his own sword. Guess he said if I'm going to get released I might aswell make the first wound ;😏


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