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‘Bold And The Beautiful’ SHOCKING Spoilers: Death Twist Of Fate For Two Characters?

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Bold And The Beautiful spoilers predict a death will happen soon but who will meet their maker? Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) days could be numbered. Her bombshell revelation of being John “Finn” Finnegan’s (Tanner Novlan) birth mother may lead to her death. However, Jack Finnegan (Ted King) is being blackmailed by...

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Well you know to think about it Taylor Steffy mom is a bit off the rails when it come to her child, remember she shot Bill with no hesitation. Ummm

Sheila Mansur

I love the character Taylor......Shes beautiful smart ambitious sucessful generous caring woman & she was "TRULEY" in love with Ridge it wasnt just "Lust" and I hate the things they've done with Taylors character. And I hate that Brooke always wins over Taylor like Hope always wins over Steffy.....ITS SICKENING! I do want her Taylor back on screen but not as a murderer.....But 2 come back & B there 4 moral support 4 Steffy Hayes Thomas Eric & Ridge & ruffle Brooks & Quinns feathers 4 awhile. Brooke & Taylor could also team up against Sheila as she is a common enemy but still remain the die hard enemies they R. It could make a fun & interesting story line!


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