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I'm an ER Doctor and Urge You Read This Now

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The Delta variant is aggressively spreading throughout the United States as I write this article. Hospitals in Southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Texas and Florida are being overwhelmed. The summer surge in many areas has been fueled by low vaccination rates, lax public health and an extremely infectious variant. Many...

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Steven Hopkins

what about our rights to refuse the vaccine because of the detrimental side effects of blood clots in lungs and several other side effects that are causing deaths. and don't go there about it being approved by the FDA. It was only approved due to the ignorant democratic presidential administration pushing and forcing it to be approved in the first place. it was pushed thru to fast without having any study's done to eliminate any death causing side effects. At this point alot of people will take their chances due to possibly ending up dieing from the forced approval of a death vaccine.

Michael Campbell

The covid-19 particles are are so small that when wearing those cheesy masks they want everyone to wear it's like saying I'm going to put up a chain link fence to keep the mosquitoes out of my yard! England stated that 40 percent of their hospitalised are the vaccinated! But somehow we are special here in the US and have 98 percent effectiveness? I call bull sh#t! I'm not taking the shot, I will take my chances!

Gladys Denton

demanding THOSE TO take the vaccines that has decided not TO IS their personal right and no one else's AND YOU don't have the right to tell anyone what to have injected into their bodies and this should not be mandatory to anyone that does not want the vaccines.


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