COVID-19 a Vascular Disease; New Study Reveals the Virus is Not a Respiratory Illness

Science Times
Science Times
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New research recently revealed that COVID-19 is not a respiratory illness but rather a vascular disease. This study, led by the University of California-San Diego, could explain blood clots in some patients and other issues, including "COVID feet," which are not commonly experienced symptoms of respiratory disease. A Times...

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I knew this from the beginning because I did a LOT of research. and this is primarily why I didn't get the covid 'vaccine' because I already HAVE a vascular disease, God forbid I take this poison and end up with something WORSE

Wesley Dunn

The spike protein is the part you should be concerned about . it said it could cause this itself. The vaccine will cause everyone who took it future problems and the democrats think they can make me take it lol I been saying this the whole time. The spike protein is the issue. Inflammation is what is causes and its found in the heart lungs brain liver and kidneys . So go ahead and follow the governments advice, the same government that is destroying this country.

Ferman Rosales

it's not the virus causing blood clots... it's the vaccine... never heard of a blood clot since the pandemic started... blood clots didn't come into play until the vaccine came out... wake up America...


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