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Lakers Rumors: Damian Lillard Finally Comments on the Rumors to Los Angeles


After Lillard and the Blazers were eliminated by an undermanned Denver Nuggets squad without Jamaal Murray, the media and fans started linking him as a third star to join the Lakers.

Even though this was years ago, the internet never forgets, and tweets like this just add fuel to the fire with his preference to be in purple and gold.

During a sit-down interview with Complex News, Lillard discussed his rap career, as well as some of his moments in his basketball career.

Towards the end of the interview, Lillard was asking to clarify on his remark to "bet a million" to a fan, when the fan said he would be a Laker very soon.

“He said ‘I would bet anybody that when the season starts, Dame’s going to be playing for the Lakers.' And the Lakers just traded for Russell Westbrook, so I’m not going to play for the Lakers. We play the same position, so (I was) like bet a million.”

Well, that about confirms it. It looks like Lillard is going to stay with Portland at least for the time being. Any sane person could have seen that there was no chance he would become a Laker after Westbrook was acquired, especially just looking at how the cap space works. The current salary cap does not allow teams to carry four max contracts, unless of course the ownership is willing to go into the luxury tax and pay a premium.

That being said, there still might be a chance Lillard does leave and become a Laker. He even confirmed it during a recent IG story he did with his fans.

If Portland continues to struggle it would not be surprising is Lillard eventually requests a trade, and the Lakers will most likely be on his preferred destination.

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