Nick Saban yells a 'Roll Tide, baby' before wiping out Eli Manning
Eli’s Places debuts on ESPN+ on Sept. 1. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Nick Saban does not hold back on the football field, and he did not hold back when taking Eli Manning out on his boat. The Alabama coach hosted the former New York Giants quarterback at his lake house for an appearance on Manning’s upcoming ESPN+ show, Eli’s Places.

The show is set to debut on Sept. 1, and Manning recently dropped a trailer on Twitter. In it, Saban is seen yelling “Roll Tide, baby” before whipping Manning around on a tube attached to the back of his boat.

Saban’s lake house has taken a role in the spotlight over the years as he has hosted Alabama players for a day on the lake and out on his boat.

Following in big brother’s footsteps

When Peyton Manning retired from football, he joined the media business. Now his little brother is doing so and following the same outline. Manning’s show will be called Eli’s Places, taking the same name as Peyton’s Places. Instead of focusing on the professional game, the younger Manning will be focusing on college football and will debut on ESPN’s subscription platform.

“I’m getting an advanced degree in football studies,” Eli said while sitting next to his brother in an empty stadium in the announcement video for the show.

“Eli, just because you won as many Super Bowls as I did, doesn’t mean you get to do the same things that I do,” Peyton said. “Tell me about this ‘show’ of yours.”

“Peyton, it’s not a blindside safety blitz. They recruit you,” Eli responded. “I’m going to the biggest universities, getting the greatest stars to show me the most iconic places in college football history.”

Also featured on the trailer, Manning heads to the The Grove at Ole Miss, his alma mater. He also travels to LSU to visit Ed Orgeron, a visit with former Harvard quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and a ride on the Sooner Schooner.

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