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Steph Curry Reportedly Sides With Mother Amid Divorce Proceedings, Relationship With Dell Curry Is Strained

Cover picture for the articleStephen Curry and Seth Curry's parents, Dell and Sonya Curry, have been seen numerous times at NBA stadiums cheering for their kids. Recently, it was revealed that Sonya is filing a divorce with Dell after 33 years of marriage. It came as a shock to the entire world. What's...

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Ummm…you gotta proofread your publications before you publish them. It was written that Drake and Ayesha (Steph’s wife) used to flirt at games…but then later stated that Sonya responded to reports of her flirting with Drake “all in fun”.


anyone knows these people on a personal level... here's a thought if you don't know them on a personal level why care what they put out. It's funny how these "celebrities" put out their personal business and everyone has an opinion or comment 🤔. If I don't know you I can't comment on your life. We as a society fall for anything.

Gloria L. Brown

This is his mother. Don't for one minute believe her children have not seen things they had never spoken. After leaving my husband of a 37-year relationship which included 30-years of the marriage of He loses his children not because of what they were told but what they had seen and witnessed themselves. I had no idea they even knew until I left the marriage. these are adults. I was shocked when my children told me I should have left you're father a long time ago. And, yes we showed up as the pillar of our community too. You never know what's happening in somebody's house. Sometimes, you have no clue of what's happening In your own house. I respect all opinions, However, this is a painful place to be for all. it all about choices people!


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