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Advanced Civilizations Could be Using Dyson Spheres to Collect Unimaginable Energy From Black Holes

Cover picture for the articleBlack holes are more than just massive objects that swallow everything around them – they’re also one of the universe’s biggest and most stable energy sources. That would make them invaluable to the type of civilization that needs huge amounts of power, such as a Type II Kardashev civilization. But to harness all of that power, the civilization would have to encircle the entire black hole with something that could capture the power it is emitting.

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Patriot Investigator

I’ll stay with solar panels for now. Building an entire structure around a black hole would take transportation to get there and material worth trillions of asteroids or planets. They are sizes of whole solar systems. Although the smart humans have futuristic potential there’s a lot of us who just hold back all of that. Harnessing that type of energy would be able to power millions of civilizations for millions of years. By that time death would be null beings could live eternally perhaps God is one of those entities. Spaceships could travel between dimensions. The universe has that much potential and all that is probably just scratching the surface. The multiverse of physical laws transcends the life we live in it created us and remain for aeons after we die.

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Now if they can ONLY cure “male pattern baldness” 🤷‍♂️....hey, it shouldn’t be any problems...since they can go from dimension to dimension...!!!!!


🤣😂. They can’t even get the science on mask wearing right, you really believe this 💩


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