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Julius Erving drops truth bomb on Sixers amid Ben Simmons offseason drama

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The Philadelphia 76ers are coming off a season where they finished as the top seed in the Eastern Conference. And yet because of all the controversy surrounding Ben Simmons, their offseason has been nothing but an endless wave of trade rumors. The Sixers just locked up franchise player Joel...

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I am so happy by NBA champion acknowledge that viacknowledge that Ben Simmons is a good player and it takes time for 18 to mow together to bring out the best in each and every one of them. As my statement was yesterday we would just have to sit and wait and see how all this turned out the only thing I hate is if Ben Simmons does leave he will probably end up on a champion team just like ega dollar. And once again Philadelphia will lose another star Is over not being patient.


Ben Simmons was never a shooter in college, he was known for ball handling skills and his cuts to the hoop, I think the Sixers need to keep Ben Simmons, their was a 6'9 point guard from Michigan, he didn't shoot the ball well, he had a set shot, if you left him open he would shoot, his skills were ball handling, no look passes, his name is Magic Johnson, let ben Simmons grow 👍👍👍


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