Friday rain in Thornville meets its match: Ideas to make the most of it

Thornville (OH) Weather Channel
Thornville (OH) Weather Channel

(THORNVILLE, OH) Friday is set to be rainy in Thornville, according to the National Weather Service, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Check out these ideas for ways to make the most of it, along with your four-day forecast.

Make a sun bucket-list: Whether it’s researching nearby hikes, scouring forums for information about great swimming holes, or making a list of places to try a hobby like stand-up paddle-boarding, setting aside a rainy day for planning can help you make the most of the next sunbreak.

Bookkeeping: A rainy day can be a perfect opportunity for getting household tasks out of the way - including tracking your finances. In just an hour or two you could knock out a money to-do like tracking your monthly spending so far or making sure you have the best plan for retirement savings or student loan repayment.

Catch a movie: Not feeling the need to go all-out? A movie or other indoor entertainment can be a great down-day activity, letting you relax and be ready to seize the day when the clouds finally decide to part.

Along with rain Friday, here’s the rest of the four-day forecast for Thornville:

  • Friday, August 27

    Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day; while slight chance of showers and thunderstorms then partly cloudy overnight

    • High 90 °F, low 70 °F
    • Breezy: 2 mph
  • Saturday, August 28

    Chance of Showers And Thunderstorms

    • High 91 °F, low 71 °F
    • Breezy: 3 mph
  • Sunday, August 29

    Chance of Showers And Thunderstorms

    • High 89 °F, low 71 °F
    • Light wind
  • Monday, August 30

    Showers And Thunderstorms Likely

    • High 86 °F, low 67 °F
    • Light wind

This forecast was created automatically using NWS data.

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