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Beyoncé Reportedly ‘Disappointed and Angry’ After Critics Bash Her for Wearing a Tiffany’s ‘Blood Diamond’

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise
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It’s rare for “Queen Bey” to be involved in controversy, and she certainly doesn’t normally let on that there’s a problem. But there is much controversy surrounding Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s camp after she made history posing alongside a rare art piece from the late, great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as the first...

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I'm a black female..I know the black culture are trend setters..But I'm sorry I hope this trend with Jay-Z, Cam Newton and a few more people I've seen with this hair style pass very quickly. I honestly don't like it..I like a nice edge hair line and a fade afro, or bald, on my black man..Just me!

Lisa Bustamante

who cares what she wears good lord.its just a freaking her man's hair is another story.sweet Jesus miss bee get him a hair dresser.


It's the irony for me. She's the first black woman to wear the diamond. No one said anything when Lady Gaga or other white women wore it because they are white and that's what white people do...but for a back woman, and this particular, successful celebrity of a black woman to wear it says something that a lot of you can't hear and don't care to hear. Yes, she looks stunning with it on, hell she looks stunning with it off but the meaning behind this goes deeper than her just making history because there's already history there.


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