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3 Secrets to Being Friends With Benefits

Cover picture for the articlePeople can begin friends with benefits relationships for varied reasons, but matching expectations is key to success. People who begin a friends with benefits relationship looking for love usually end up disappointed. Setting ground rules at the outset is one of the keys to success for friends with benefits....

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Theresa Charland
12d ago

friends with benefits there's nothing wrong with that if you're going out for a date and you just want to have a good time once in awhile you have a friend to knock on the door you know you're both clean so you got a friend to have fun with especially what's going on in today's world whit the COVID 19 and other viruses so Friends with benefits is fine because you're with the same person and it doesn't mean a woman doesn't have self-respect if that's the case how many men don't have self-respect because they go out looking for a woman they can do it like can a woman do it

George Blake
9d ago

Don't delude yourself. This type of relationship doesn't work because someone always catches feelings. It's human nature.

8d ago

It’s called a sex addiction. Sounds just like junkies looking for excuses. Loyalty and commitment are extinct


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