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These Are the 3 People Alex Trebek Suggested to Replace Him on "Jeopardy!"

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Amid the news that Jeopardy! is still looking for a new permanent host, a video has resurfaced with a couple suggestions from the beloved former host himself. In 2018, Alex Trebek gave two Jeopardy! host suggestions during an interview with OBJECTified, a show that was hosted by TMZ founder Harvey Levin. And while Trebek joked in the past that Betty White should be the host after him, his suggestions in the 2018 video are more serious.

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Sonna Nelson

Sony, glad to see I'm not only person that want to see who Alex Trebeck wanted to try hosting the Jeopardy show...good luck to Alex Faust and Laura Coates. looking to watching them host.

Alice Coomes

with all the trouble in choosing a leader after Alex I say just discontinue the show we all love it but let's face it that it will never be the same cancel show


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