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Stimulus Update: Some Americans to See a 38% Income Increase Thanks to This Coronavirus Aid

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Cover picture for the articleCOVID-19 aid will make a huge difference in the household income of some families. When President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law, his goal was to provide meaningful financial relief for individuals and families. And he largely succeeded in doing that, with the typical American receiving an average of $3,450 in stimulus money in 2021.

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Leslie Davio

what about the people on SSDI or on SSI these people with out Children. We don't get extra money like the child tax they get a check every month plus their regular income. I'm sorry I am happy for the families with children but I think it's time the people on SSDI and SSI get more help yes we are getting a measly 6% raise wow

Moe Osborne

we all need help paying bills and buying food everybody not able to work and don't have kids covid is kill people people catching it at work and school praying for help 🙏🙏🙏

Kathy Stanton

without reading the article let me guess that these people who are making out like Bandits with 4, 5, or:10 kids are going to get more money while our seniors suffer


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