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Refusing The Covid Vaccine: Do You Have The “Constitutional Right” To Do It?

Cover picture for the articleWe’re living under the sign of the novel coronavirus for more than a year now, and normality has become a mere memory. Our lives are now governed by fear and uncertainty, and nothing will probably ever go back to the way things were before the pandemic. People are questioning...

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Clyde Jr Chilton

I dont care what any news agency or government representative says I wont be taking that shot. and i know what liberty means.

Larry Hollingsworth

the Constitution was not put in place to guarantee or secure our rights only when the government said so. the Constitution was drawn up to keep the government from overstepping their power and taking away the citizens freedoms and rights. the citizens have the freedom and the power to do away with the government, not the other way around.... there is no clause in the US Constitution that says in case of an emergency The government can suspend citizens rights. it literally says when it government has become tyrannical it is the citizens duty to take it back.

invisible one

Firstly, the post is highlighting CNN. That’s the first problem. I trust CNN about as much as you’d trust a fart after taking exlax. Secondly, NO ONE knows long term effects of vax. Generally the fda test drugs and vax for ten years before approving them. This is to make sure they have no long term side effects or major issues with them long term. Fda pushed this thru without doing this. No one knows the long term effects. We’ve all read about the hundreds of side effects that are currently surfacing. The thought of the long term side effects from it it’s really quite a scary thought knowing the FDA has pushed us through without giving it the 10 year test first


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