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9 Mercury Muscle Cars That Help Tell the Brand's Story

MotorTrend Magazine

Cover picture for the articleFord's middle child has an interesting history with the hot rod world. When Mercury was created in 1938 by Edsel Ford, it was to ostensibly bridge the large price gap between Ford and luxury brand Lincoln. In keeping with the practice at Chrysler (which encompassed four brands) and General Motors (which...

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Betty Turner

my dad was always a sports car man and it had to be a ford. dad had one of these then went on to purchase a galaxie 500 then a 70 Torino. That was his favorite. she stayed on the road it seemed forever. I wanted the car at 16 but due to him remarrying he sold her to my cousin. it was used as a trade in when she was getting a new car in 83 if I only knew at that time I would have bought her but I had since moved out of state I of all things got a mercury montego.


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