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Phone-Snubbing Friends Can Be a Sign of Mental Illness


Cover picture for the articleAug. 25, 2021 -- Phone snubbing: You may have done it, or someone you know is guilty of it. It happens when one person ignores another to pay attention to their phone. Phubbing is rude, but according to a new study, there may be another reason it's happening. "Some people...

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Eh Whatever

I ignore anybody & everybody, best peaceful decision I've ever made. No drama no fake people no media no nothing unless I want to be bothered. I'm in charge of my life & peace as much as possible.

Okie 7491

Only" important "notifications on my phone. I was on vacation in Florida this Summer with Family/ Grandkids. As I sat by Pool I observed each and everyone of them, plus my Daughter in law and Son, eyes dead set on their phones. A Tsunami could have came thru. At 74, I thought " wow" sure isn't like old days. As Grandma , I got up and left, I believe one asked me where i was going. You see, I recovered from stage 3 colon cancer s few years ago. I was there to Cherish memories. Maybe after i die, they will take a break from their phones to look up.

Noel Picard

Turned off every single possible notification on my phone (even the ringer!) in 2018, and never looked back.. 😄 best decision ever


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