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There’s growing concern vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 than previously thought
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While it’s evident that vaccination provides strong protection against the coronavirus, scientists are increasingly concerned vaccinated people may be more susceptible to serious illness than was previously thought. According to a report by Bloomberg, this growing concern comes in the midst of a shortage of scientific studies with solid answers,...

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Colleen Luna

I tell you the people you call conspiracy theorists are true bc Mike Adam's said this exact thing 6 months ago he said the Vax will disrupt immune systems if the vaxed they will be getting sick bc of it and they will blame unvaxed in an attempt to usher in passports and control honest he said this months ago and here it is

Brett Nagel

Growing concern? My concern waned when I decided 🚫 💉. The sheep are now getting concerned that they have been played. Too late! They should have turned off the mainstream media news and followed history!


People had better start reading your bibles and getting to know Jesus. This world is changing for the worse very very fast. Jesus will soon be stepping in on all this corruption. Some of you will laugh and ridicule me for saying this. Its ok with me if that makes you feel better, but I'd really prefer that you just read about Him, try to learn about Him, things are getting rough. You're going to need God in your heart so you'll have hope and love inside.


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