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Why Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh May Have Final Say On Eviction Moratorium

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The U.S. Supreme Court will be reviewing President Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium in the coming days and Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh is poised to be the key vote. The extension of a moratorium on evictions was announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Aug. 3 and the...

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William Finch

Why should landlords be expected to give free rent to anyone. Why should the tenant's problems become the landord's problems. When you rent a property the contract is really simple. You pay your rent or move out! It is illegal and unconstitutional to force landlords into bankruptcy because the CORRUPT government forces them to provide housing free of charge for tenants. All rental property should be sold to private owners. When there is no more rental property for anyone because of the corrupt government, will the government buy these folks a free house?

Greg Johnson

I was in the process of trying to sell a duplex in Il. when the buyers wanted it empty . Tennant #2 hung me out to dry for 2 months and the security didn't cover damages. Only saving grace was they were responsible for water and sewer so when they didn't pay I had the village cut them off and called dept. of health on them. Told village I wasn't going to be responsible for any more payments so the refused to turn water back on without up front payments. Yeah village

Charles Smith

The Cares Act provided funds for renters behind on the rent. The funds are still available. Why aren't tenants and landlords accessing these funds?


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