The tragedy of deathbed vaccine regrets

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The most recent surge of COVID in the United States has bred a new type of narrative — call it the "vaccination regrets" genre. These stories feature people who didn't get the vaccine, were often aggressive in mocking those who chose to get their shots, then came to regret their choices...

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Even par

Articles like this make dying from Covid seem to be the greatest outcome instead of what it is, an anomaly. I've been vaccinated because I don't like playing the odds with my life and believe it to be beneficial if only to mitigate the severity of the degree of sickness. I've had no adverse reactions and will take the booster when it's appropriate.

Rick Steele

I wonder if the people who died from the shot. Over 13,000 now and thousands more with permanent disabilities. I bet they regret getting the poison shot.


There is no way I would ever risk my children growing up without me. The first and most important responsibility a parent has is to protect their children. I think the anti-vaxxers have lost sight of this. Don't put your children at risk of not growing up with their parents. Go get vaccinated ow before it's too late.


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