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Man punches woman after she slaps him at Steelers game

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleFans in the stands continue to duke it out at NFL preseason games. One week after a bloody brawl among fans at a Rams-Chargers game in Los Angeles, video of another fight at the Lions-Steelers game...

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Whitney Ladybug

I'm honestly happy he hit her. she had no right to slap him. glad the camera was on cause I can only imagine what lies she would've told.

Gary Griffin

I'm just glad somebody was there recording because it could have turned into her word against his.And we all know how that would have turned out

R Silver

I usually do not comment but it's not a black thing. The black guy tried really hard not to knock her clean out! Grant it the fan next to her received the blow he really wanted to hand her. Everyone deserves respect. Resistance is real now days nothing is handle without guns but its sad how people are testing ALL limits.And the fan who yelled he needed to get out. Guess you felt like she was right to slap him. She should've been put out as well.Fair game when your drunk and running your mouth. Things do not end well when drinking involved.


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