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Carmelo Anthony Says Phil Jackson Hated The Fact That Melo Broke The Triangle: "He Used To Always Say I Was Manipulating The Offense.”

Cover picture for the articleCarmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson never had a good relationship. The legendary head coach and the forward never clicked, which was very visible during their struggling times with the New York Knicks. Phil was a terrific coach, and his triangle offense brought him a lot of joy with the...

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William Hearne

This is the perfect situation that says it's the right time to keep your mouth closed. He should have left that subject alone, period. He was a ball hog and had everyone eventually had everyone standing around. I don't care how many assist he had. He destroyed the linsanity motion offense, a good pick and roll offense for Melo Ball. A stagnant mess with him holding the ball and taking the shot. In Portland he wasn't the feature. That time off changed his view. He became a team player. If he was that version in New York, we would have been a lot more competitive.

Marley Numbers

Phil Jackson takes credit for an offense that Tex Winters created. Phil coached the bulls and lakers he didn't puthem together, that credit goes to Jerry Krause and Jerry West. Phil limited Melo's possessions which made his points dip, and he also lost Porzingis. Phil was a poor gm for the knicks. he lacked experience in that area. Phil won chips as a coach because of great players like Jordan, Shaq and Kobe. If Phil was so good he would have coached up the knicks to success. Dolan FINALLY hired the right personnel and Melo proved Phil wrong and the rest of the nba as well with his performance on the blazers

Raymond Chacon

BASKEBALL involves an entire team that understand their roles like the superstars the bench players and the coaches need to get them to believe what they are selling to keep em in line and they gotta know what buttons to push to bring out their best ... and they have to go out and execute to win and have a lil luck so it was more than Carmelo and Phil ... Carmelo was weak though ....


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