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Classic Sitcom Star Reveals She Is Broke Years After Abrupt Cancellation


Cover picture for the articleGrace Under Fire star Brett Butler has fallen under hard times. Her situation is so dire that one of her closest friends launched a GoFundMe page to help her. Butler, 63, was making $250,000 per episode at the height of her fame, but she told The Hollywood Reporter this month she...

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bob smith

She also claims she's living in a $2,500 a month LA apartment, as well as continuing to own and care for a horse. She's got some pair of balls to be asking for donations.

Noah Ellis

I hope she gets herself together because she is a talented comedian. But she needs to get into doing something constructive and not throw herself a pity party. Acting and comedy roles are fine if you are working and reliable and get along with your fellow actors. It sounds like she needs to re-establish herself as a comedian and actress but she needs to look at she needs to do to make her life better and throw her false sense of pride out the window. If anything, get a job and get a purpose. Don't wait for your fans from years ago to bail you out of your problems with a GoFundMe drive.

Phyllis Thomson

I love this chick but I can't feel sorry for someone who had 25 million and didn't handle it well. That money in an account of some kind could have made her millions more. Best of luck to her. Hopefully if she has a come back, she'll have a good financial advisor.


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