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‘We gave our daughter a unique name – then I realised my husband had tricked me’

Cover picture for the articleIt’s a subject that can cause bickering until you’re blue in the face – what will you name your baby?. Creating rifts between couples that can last until the child arrives, it’s a serious decision that will stay with the little one as they grow up. So it makes a...

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Michelle Isernia

I think its hilarious!!!!! It's wayyyyy better than my EX-husband who wanted to name our daughter BERTHA after his pet cow!!!! Sooooooo DID NOT HAPPEN! 😂😂😂😂😂

Nancy Smyer

If I didn't like the name, I would have gotten it changed after he told me it was his favorite team. I would also have a hard time trusting him again for a very long time if ever. Naming a child is important and not to be taken lightly. That child carries it until they die or it's changed.

Yvonne Glover

My late ex husband and I argued about our son’s name until the morning of his birth (November 1966). He wanted Jody or Toby and I wanted Patrick after my favorite uncle but we had no problems about a girls name. My ex really wanted a girl as he grew up with three brothers. Well I came out of the delivery room and I knew he be disappointed so I said Honey it a boy you can name him Jody or Toby but thankfully he said we will name him Michael after your grandfather who was Irish. My son was very happy that we did not name him either Patrick, Jody or Toby.


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