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Los Angeles, CA

Baseball announcer Jack Morris suspended indefinitely for racist remark about Shohei Ohtani

NBC News

Cover picture for the articleDetroit Tigers television analyst Jack Morris has been suspended indefinitely by a regional sports network for using an offensive accent on air in reference to Los Angeles Angels player Shohei Ohtani. Bally Sports Detroit, which broadcasts the Tigers' games, announced the decision after Tuesday night's game between the Tigers...

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Emperor x Time

Oh my God that was FUNNY AS HELL and not racists at all!! YOU people are too much anymore so I Guess "Ancient Chinese Secret" is a NO GO anymore BAWAHAHA... QUIT being GAY 😃🙃😃🙃

Peter Pickering

If the guy he supposed to have insulted says no harm done all good then maybe we as a nation should just get over it .It was funny guys's time to cancel ... cancel culture !!! It's not like he threw him to the ground kicking him in the head ,oh wait that's a black thing so that's allowed .

Christopher Breed

It didn't sound like he meant to be prejudice or offensive. Not to me at least and I'm African American. He made a mistake. Disciplinary action was taken nonetheless. Let's move on.


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