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SOURCE SPORTS: Former Pistons’ Legend Isiah Thomas Believes He Could’ve Prevented The Malice At The Palace

Cover picture for the articleHall Of Famer Isiah Thomas believes he could have stopped one of the darkest days in the NBA from happening. Thomas appeared this week on the broadcast of an Indiana Pacers’ Summer League game. Thomas, the former head coach of the Pacers, touched on several topics, including the team’s...

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Arthur Booko

Responsible for a $11.5 million lawsuit brought about by one Anucha Brown Sanders for sexual harassment. Was well known amongst Garden officials to be a slithering serpent in and around Madison Square Garden, as well as a close Dolan confidant and spy. As coach, finished 23-59 during the 2007-2008 season and was responsible for ruining Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry's careers, and it is also widely speculated that he incited the brawl that took place involving Mardy Collins, Carmelo Anthony and Nate Robinson and JR. Smith. You mean to tell me that you had the respect of the players to the point where you could've prevented "The Malice at The Palace"? Uhhh, yea no! 😑

Frozen Tundra

It's nice to Dream, but in reality Isaiah has failed in all things basketball except when he was actually playing.

John Bergdorf

Isaiah Thomas was a good player made better by the players around him. Great players are players who make those around them better. If one needs to return to past events in order to shore up a personal view of one's legacy, that one may have been good, even very good, buf not great. Greatness lies in respect accorded by peers, not in perceived individual accomplishments achieved.


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