Viral TikTok showing Amazon truck driving off highway ‘to avoid traffic jam’ sparks criticism


A viral TikTok sparked criticism after it showed an Amazon delivery truck driving off the highway, with viewers speculating it was in an attempt to avoid traffic.

Titled ‘When Jeff personally guarantees next day delivery’, Cami’s (@camihardman) footage has racked up a whopping 11.4 million views. The TikToker used the trending sound, Bo Burnham’s “Bezos I”, which pokes fun at the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.
One impatient Amazon driver opted for an unconventional route (@camihardman/TikTok)

Posted on August 14, the TikTok shows bumper-to-bumper standstill traffic on the I-45 in Texas. While the rest of the road appeaedr to comply with conventional driving methods, one particular Amazon driver opted for an alternative route and drove across a stretch of grass, away from the traffic. The truck paved the way for another vehicle to follow.

One joked, “We’re sorry to inform you, your parcel has been dela..... will be arriving earlier than expected”, while another said, “I swear Amazon workers are being held hostage... They be doing the absolute most.”
The TikToker later confirmed there was around ten other cars who took the unconventional route before them (@camihardman/TikTok)

Others found the rogue car hilarious. “Stop nagging me Susan! If the Amazon truck can do it, we’re doing it too”, one commented.

While another added: “I’d be the car behind. Truck drivers know what’s up and I’d trust him to get us to a faster route.”

In a later video, Cami confirmed the Amazon driver wasn’t the first to take the shortcut.

“I saw probably 10 cars do it before them,” she said before explaining that the highway ended up coming to a dead end.

You can watch the full video here.

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Timothy Ho

Here the case , by doing that to bypass have many reasons to explain, for those cars going through are those who live nearby and familiar with that route, for truckers it’s is because the ELD going to cut their hours of driving and may end up parking on road side without any more driving hours to reach home terminal, truck stop or next rest area before 11 hours of driving run out. This is not fun to criticize

Robert Lopez

East bound and down!!!! Breaker breaker snowman got to get them 400 cases of Coors to big Enis and little Enis!!!!

John Garrison

every body is 😠 because they didn't get to drive across the gravel road get a life people is that all carry about someone else's business


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