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Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore


Cover picture for the articleThere's one more trend I'll mention I believe is having a devastating impact on the Church and most certainly contributing to its decline. You cannot tell Millennials that your church welcomes everybody -- that all can come to Jesus -- and then, when they come, what they find are few mixed races or no mixed couples. You cannot say, "Everybody is welcome here if, by that, you really mean, so long as you're like the rest of us, straight and in a traditional family." In the words of Rachel Evans, a millennial herself and a blogger for CNN, "Having been advertised to our whole lives, we millennials have highly sensitive BS meters." In other words, be real and be yourself. If everyone is not really equally welcomed to the table at your church, stop advertising that you are open to anyone. That is not only untrue, but Millennials can see through the façade and they will not stay in such a church.

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Max Maxwell

The decline in believers in general is due to the fact that the Church leaders have stopped preaching the Bible. For many years now, leaders have been focused on reaching the largest audience to become mega Churches. The author here is correct about all the bells and whistles on stage nowadays. It's a distraction. The people are not taught the truth about God's love, grace, instructions for living and most importantly, Sin. They are not taught how all of the teachings are common sense and are not the burden that the nonbelievers make them out to be. Consequently, the authors comment in the beginning about "people are finding more fulfilling things to do on Sunday", is another example of the fact that the Church leaders are failing. The Bible is not and will not please everyone. However, taught correctly, many will find the fulfillment they are looking for.

Mark Allen

nobody wants to go to church anymore for 4) reasons. 1) preachers don't teach christ message they give their social opinions. 2) every sermon begs for money in "God's name" to carry on the churches "work" 3) most preachers act like priveledged princes with huge egos. 5) it ain't worship services anymore, it's political rallies

Fred Ray
25d ago

Mark, if you want proof of GOD, just stop, I mean really stop and look around at this creation that you are Blessed to be in, life all around you brother, do you really think that all this was an accident? and the knowledge that is inside of you that lets you know right from wrong, good from bad, love from hate, where do you think that comes from brother? I just pray that you would stop and look around, and really think about all the awesome things of this world and universe and realize, all of this was no accident, God bless you Mark


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