BREAKING NEWS: Border crossings hit a new 21-year record and reach ONE MILLION in 2021 as Biden's crisis deteriorates even further with 212,672 migrants encountered in July - a 13% rise from June

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Daily Mail

Alejandro Mayorkas announced on Thursday that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered more than 212,000 migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in July – yet another staggering increase as the border crisis prevails.

'Allow me to share with you the CBP enforcement numbers for July – 212,672 persons were encountered attempting entry along the southwest border, a 13 per cent increase over June 2021.'

The new figures are a 21-year month high for encounters and nears Biden toward the 1 million mark as the encounter count hits 934,257 when counting the data between February and July.

In June, CBP reported it encountered 188,829 illegal immigrants at the border, which was the previous decade-long high before this month's figures were released.

Mayorkas, who heads Biden's Department of Homeland Security, visited the border on Thursday as images emerged overnight of a new batch of hundreds of illegal immigrants lining up to turn themselves into border patrol agents.

Donald Trump's former acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said Thursday that border agents were directed to create the appearance of a lessened crisis ahead of Mayorkas' visit.

During a briefing hosted by conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, Morgan claimed his sources revealed they were instructed to clear out overcrowded facilities and temporarily holding camps, as well as coordinate with the Mexican government to increase security and quell illegal crossings during the trip.

'Those pictures that we showed you under the bridge, you know, a couple thousands migrants, those facilities that we showed you of illegal aliens basically, you know, stacked on top of each other, laying on top of each other, crowded and dangerously overcrowded positions. I'm actually having sources report to me right now that they have been directed to clear out the illegal aliens under that bridge and start transporting illegal aliens out of those overcrowded facilities,' Morgan said.

'And why?' Morgan posed. 'In anticipation of Secretary Mayorkas' visit down there.'
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed Thursday that CBP encountered 212,672 migrants in July – a 13 per cent increase from June and 21-year month high

'I've got to tell you – I'm having sources report that to me, and I've got to tell you, that is simply – if that is, in fact, true, it is outrageous and it is disgusting, and I hope somebody on this call does a little bit more investigative work to find out exactly what's happened,' he said.

The former CBP acting commissioner added: 'I'm also hearing that they reached out to their Mexican counterparts to try and get them to increase their patrols right now as Secretary Mayorkas is going to visit there. And every time that happens, of course, the flow goes down in that area.'

'That's what I'm being told and I wanted to mention that to the folks on this call.'

Mayorkas jetted off to Texas on Wednesday and on Thursday will meet with those working to secure the border, as well as local officials whose communities are dealing with the fallout from the migration crisis every day.

'Wheels up for South Texas. @DHSgov is executing our plan to rebuild a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system,' Mayorkas tweeted from his official account on Wednesday. 'Tomorrow, I will receive operational updates on the situation at the border, meet with our frontline workforce, and meet with local officials and community leaders.'
A fresh batch of asylum-seeking migrants lined up to be processed by Border Patrol after crossing the Rio Grande Valley into Roma, Texas in the early morning hours of Thursday
Migrants arrive each day along the U.S.-Mexico border. Here migrant families disembarks an inflatable raft after crossing the Rio Grande River overnight
Thousands of migrants are being held under the Anzalduas International Bridge in Mission, Texas in 100 degree-plus conditions as border facilities become overcrowded with the continued influx of border crossings

Thousands of migrants continue to arrive each day at America’s southern border.

Morgan said the administration can stop the flow if they just impose consequences on illegal immigrants, and those who help them commit the crime.

'Look, it's all about consequences, right? If you apply consequences, the flow will stop,' Morgan said.

'I mean, all this 'root causes' in Central America, it's all spin, mirrors and misdirection,' he added. 'We've been working on that for decades.'

He is referring to Vice President Kamala Harris' role as 'border czar', which when she was criticized for not doing enough to address the crisis was rebranded to put her in charge of addressing the 'root causes' of migration in Northern Triangle countries.

Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico earlier this summer in a trip dubbed a failure by pundits and politicians on both sides of the political aisle.

'This is about what our policies are on our borders. And if you apply effective consequences, if you close the loopholes like ending catch and release,' Morgan said. 'And on the backend you're actually deporting people and applying those consequences and you're detaining individuals who break into our country against the rule of law instead of releasing them into the country, I promise you, the flow will go down.'

'You don't have to be a rocket scientist.'
Morgan also said agents were instructed to coordinate with Mexico for an increase in security on their side of the border to create the illusion of a decreased migration flow during Mayorkas' trip. Here a migrant mother carries her sleeping child as she prepares to enter the U.s. illegally after crossing the Rio Grande River on August 12
Mayorkas previewed on Wednesday his trip to the southern border in Texas
Morgan and former DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf said during a briefing Thursday that human smugglers are making $1 million each day transporting people into the U.S. and face no consequences. Here smugglers guide rafts across the Rio Grande River to get asylum-seeking migrants to the U.S. side of the border on Thursday morning
After crossing the river, migrants turn themselves over to border agents to be transported to a processing and holding facility
These facility, however, have been flanked with migrants and continue to experience massive overcrowding. Here a facility for men shows the immigrants nearly on top of each other – many not wearing masks

Morgan was joined on the virtual briefing with Trump-era Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and Lora Ries, former acting DHS Deputy Chief of Staff, who are all fellows with The Heritage Foundation.

Wolf called the crisis 'manufactured' and Morgan called it one of the most substantial 'public health emergencies'.

All three also claimed that the Biden administration can easily thwart the flow of illegal immigration by holding migrants to the same COVID restrictions as imposed on Americans.

Biden has assured his administration is using Title 42, a provision that allows expulsions of individuals who have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present, to deport migrants arriving in the U.S. by way of Mexico.

Bur Morgan said the administration 'continues to openly defy' their own COVID guidelines when it comes to dealing with the border crisis.

The neighbors to the south have seen a 90 per cent increase in COVID-19 cases this month, reaching the same numbers it was experiencing in January of this year.

Texas communities also claim that thousands of migrants being released into their communities under Biden's policies are not being tested for coronavirus and are causing a massive spike in cases among citizens.

Early Wednesday morning, the Senate adopted in a 88-11 vote to adopt an amendment to its $3.5 trillion budget resolution that requires migrants receive a negative coronavirus test before they are transported or released into American communities.

The Lone Star State has the second highest daily average of cases with 14,117. It falls behind Florida, the state with the largest surge, which saw 21,169 in its seven-day rolling average.
Migrants line up at a portion of the border where Trump's wall ends
Migrants stand out in the hot Texas sun with little shade and line up to get water as they wait to be processed by border patrol

Areas across the U.S. are seeing case rates severely spike with the emergence of the Delta variant and the increase in breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals.

Nearly all migrants arriving at the southern border are not vaccinated against COVID-19 and pictures of overcrowded facilities show it's impossible to socially distance – and some were seen not wearing masks.

Morgan said if Biden 'reinstitutes every policy under the Trump administration', he will be able to end the border crisis.

'Reinstitute every single effective tool, authority and policy that effectively worked under the Trump administration. Title 42, the ACAs, remain in Mexico program, and build the freaking wall system,' Morgan told during the briefing when asked what can be done to end the crisis and stop overcrowding.

'We can start with that, and that would absolutely reduce the flow and address the crisis and help secure our border,' he added.

Wolf agreed, telling 'this isn't a new phenomenon.'

'We saw overcrowding in 2018 and 2019,' he said. 'I mean, we have a playbook and, unfortunately, it was very difficult times then.'

'We did our homework and we put in place some programs and policies such as the migrant protection protocols, such as the ACAs and others that alleviate that crowding, specifically that crowding that you would see in border patrol facilities. Why? Because not only the cartels, but the migrants themselves understood that if they crossed illegally they would either wait in Mexico or they'd be returned back to their home country once they went through that due process. And the ability not to apply for asylum if they passed through a safe third country,' the former DHS acting head added.

'It's not that they have to come up with creative and unique ideas, we did that for them,' Wolf said. 'They can rename it, they can do whatever they want, they can call it something else. But the policy and the playbook is there, they just need to execute.'

He said cartels are making $1 million every day on smuggling people into the U.S. over the Mexican border – and without consequences, they feel emboldened to continue doing so.

'It's clear in my mind that the Biden administration doesn't have a strategy to effectively deal with this [crisis],' Wolf said.

'A new strategy needs to be in place.'

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