‘Missing Richard Simmons’ Creator Dan Taberski Preps 9/11 Podcast For Amazon Music, Wondery & Pineapple Street Studios


EXCLUSIVE : Dan Taberski , the man behind the breakout podcast series Missing Richard Simmons , is looking at how 9/11 changed the world in his latest audio series.

Taberski, who is also behind The Line , the first original podcast from Apple, is making 9/12 , a seven-episode, narrative, non-fiction podcast with Pineapple Street Studios , Wondery and Amazon Music .

Audacy-backed Pineapple Street Studios, which produced Missing Richard Simmons , is also behind shows such as 70 Over 70 and The Clearing , while Amazon-owned Wondery is responsible for the likes of Dr. Death and Joe Exotic.

The series marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks by shifting the focus to what happened the day after – examining how people reacted and how the idea of 9/11 evolved over the next 20 years, changing every aspect of life and culture in America.

Each episode of 9/12 zooms in on a series of characters who woke up on the day after 9/11, forced to navigate a different facet of just how radically their world was altered. The writers of The Onion must figure out just how soon is too soon, a Pakistani business owner finds that hundreds of his Brooklyn neighbors have disappeared seemingly overnight, an American Deadhead transforms into a radical jihadist and recruiter, a teenager gets caught up in an out-of-control conspiracy theory that he helped start, and a group of Hollywood directors is secretly enlisted by the CIA to help prevent the next attack on America.

The series is produced by Courtney Harrell. It’s written and executive produced by Dan Taberski. Henry Molofsky is the senior producer. Executive producers are Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky for Pineapple Street, Morgan Jones for Amazon Music, and Marshall Lewy from Wondery.

The entire series will be available to binge exclusively on Amazon Music and Wondery+ on September 1, with new episodes dropping weekly everywhere else beginning September 8.

“I’m a New Yorker born-and-raised, and when it happened, it was impossible to imagine that the world and the city would ever get back to normal. And it kind of never did. Now, twenty years later, it’s not the day that we need to ‘never forget’ – it’s how we reacted afterwards, how we let it change us and how it still does. 9/12 is our attempt at figuring out where to put 9/11 now,” said Dan Taberski. “I’m excited to be working again with Pineapple Street Studios, and with Amazon Music and Wondery to bring these incredible and poignant stories to a global audience.”

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