Alabama man kills his mother at her birthday party along with neighbor during argument over loud music, police say

Alabama Now
Alabama Now

An Alabama man is charged with murder in the shooting deaths of his mother and a neighbor after a dispute over loud music at the mother’s birthday party in July.

WRBL-TV reports that Leon Cannon was arrested Friday following the shootings July 24 in Macon County

Cannon’s mother, Paula Dumas, was having a birthday party, investigators said, when neighbor Clifford Henderson came over complaining about the music’s volume.

In an ensuing confrontation, Cannon fired a gun, hitting Dumas and Henderson. Dumas died at a hospital, while Henderson died at the house.

Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson wouldn’t say if Cannon shot his mother by accident or if Henderson had a gun.

Cannon was arrested Friday in Opelika and taken to jail in Tuskegee. Officers also searched his house.

It’s unclear if Cannon has a lawyer representing him or whether bail has been set.

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Colette Hardaman

If the Sheriff would not say that Cannon shot his mother or Henderson had a gun, why does this article title say the man shot his mother...try again tomorrow to find out for sure.

Rose Whitfield

Well, who wrote this Terrible Article because it's makes it seems like this guy shot his Mom on purpose & I don't think that's the case, when the Neighbor came over complaining about the music & it wouldn't make any sense 2 shoot his Mom..get this needs better Infro..So Sad!! Prayer's & Condolences 🙏🏼🖤🙏🏼💙


redo this Story please mom's bday party and son was protecting his mom crazy neighbor came with his firearm visible Son took charge


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