New Philadelphia curfew comes with plans for community centers to help kids who are out too late

Cover picture for the articlePHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Just after Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a new curfew bill into law Thursday, city leaders announced the creation of three new resource centers for kids who violate curfew, as part of a delinquent diversion program. Effective immediately:. - Kids under 13 years old can’t...

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Jerome Strickland

This should slow down gun violence against young folks. Also if a kid is pick up for violating curfew they should be taken to a police station until there parent comes and pick them up with a hefty fine.

Jamey Rod

make them fear jail so jail from being a vacation spot. with the prisons having weights, computers, A/C, 3 meals, and free medical they get treated better then the military.

fonny19 makeup

Not harsh enough, anyon under 18 in the house by 10 unpess they are coming from a job. 1st offense 100$ fine, 2nd offense 250 fine and parents pick you up from district. 3rd offense 20 hrs community service. 4th offense weekend in juvie.


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