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Dr. Dre’s oldest daughter, LaTanya Young, says she’s homeless, living out of her car

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Cover picture for the articleDr. Dre’s oldest daughter says she’s homeless and living out of her car — despite repeated pleas for help to her music mogul father. LaTanya Young, who works for DoorDash and Uber Eats as a delivery driver, said in a new interview that she hasn’t received money from the Beats founder in a year and a half.

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Scary Larry

Well she’s an adult maybe it’s time for her to grow up and fend for herself instead of wanting a handout. You have to want to help yourself before you demand someone takes care of you because he’s rich

Kathy Ferrera

Wow that is true she is an adult. People divorce husband and wives not children. it shouldn't matter how old she is she is still her father's daughter. I wouldn't let my child or children suffer if I had them money to help them. Karma. I believe everything happens for a reason.

James Richardson

Why would you be driving a rental cat around on a daily basis? No wonder you can't afford anything. She could also get public housing and get her kids into a place to live. No reason to be living in her car since she has kids. The kids will get her approved for all manners of public assistance. And maybe try buying a used vehicle instead of paying a rental car.


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